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Established in 1998 Compliance First, Inc. is a California based environmental and engineering firm which specializes in Fire and Life Safety.  CFI provides your Company with “Fire Code Permitting Tasks” and “Analysis” you can count on. Below is a comprehensive review of our services.

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High Piled Storage Code Compliance

Compliance First, Inc. works with Tenants, Owners, Corporation’s and Architects a like to ensure efficiency in matters of High Piled Storage and Permitting. Often times this means conducting a thorough evaluation of the Company’s operation prior to plan review.    Providing layout options, ensures effectiveness which, can be critical to your bottom-line! And yes we provide permitting services for racking systems.

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Hazardous Materials Code Compliance

We will classify your chemicals, summarize the individual hazard amounts and verify the amounts against the maximum amounts allowed for your Company according to the Fire and Building codes. Even if you are over the maximum allowable amounts, we can in many cases avoid the need of Hazardous Occupancies (H-Rooms) with the use of approved cabinets, additional “Control Areas” or negotiating with the approving authority. By providing us with data from your Company such as; the inventory of hazardous materials (storage and use), the appropriate MSDS Sheets, and information on the areas of your facility that the chemicals are used and stored we can move forward in providing critical cost saving solutions!

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Fire Code Analysis Including Technical Opinions Report Code Compliance

Often times there is no getting around detailing operations to the local authorities both Fire and Building a third party report is often necessary and required.  We work closely with the “Authority Having Jurisdiction” and negotiate on your behalf  so the Building and Fire Codes work for you and not against you. Working together to ensure a safe facility operation.

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Expedite Services

In a hurry, give us a call! Sometimes for what ever reason some Permitting Plans can be overlooked.  Compliance First, Inc. is experienced with Projects when time is of the utmost importance.

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Occupancy Review Code Compliance

Based on the type or use of your facility, Compliance First, Inc., will provide you with the occupancy type and classification for any given use as described in the California Building Code.

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Laboratory Fire Safety Evaluation & Hazardous Materials

Compliance First, Inc. is an environmental and engineering firm that specializes in Fire and Life Safety. You will be confident and secure in the quality of analysis and fire code permitting services that we have to offer. When it comes to the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries, we are ready and waiting to help you get the permits you need.

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