Occupancy Reviews Code Compliance (Includes H-Rooms)

Compliance First, Inc. is an environmental and engineering firm that specializes in Fire and Life Safety. Our services include occupancy reviews, which can help ensure your business is operating in the proper occupancy type. A mis-designation of occupancy type can result in an increase in your overall operating cost.

The Management and Occupancy Review is one of the integral mechanisms of project monitoring used to ensure that owners/agents comply with the requirements under the Regulatory Agreement and Requirements. Specifically, occupancy reviews are there to ensure that these programs are functioning properly by identifying deficiencies to eliminate fraud, waste, and mismanagement. When occupancy reviews may include talking about chemicals and how they need to be properly stored and disposed of.  At Compliance First, Inc. we will give your building an occupancy type and classification that is based on the specifications set forth by the California Building Code.

H-Occupancy Designs (High Hazardous) and High Piled Storage

One of the services we have to offer pertains to H-Occupancy designs. H-Occupancy deals specifically with buildings or structures that have a portion of their area that involves manufacturing, processing, and the storing of a high amount of hazardous materials. At Compliance First, Inc. we work with tenants, owners, corporations, and architects in order to ensure that the plans meet the permit specifications.

We will also work with you to find the best layout option because this will be crucial in ensuring the safety of anyone who is in the building. These hazardous materials often need to be stored in an area separate from any other operations in the building. When storing these chemicals, review of high pile storage permitting often is conducted because storing the of chemicals may fall into a variety of California Fire Codes and NFPA Standards.

When it comes to high pile storage, the first thing that should be noted is that hazardous chemicals can only be stored up to a height of 6 feet. The storage area also needs to be kept clean and the aisles clear at all times, especially when not in use. The racks used to store the chemicals need to be strong, sturdy and standing securely. Contact Compliance First, Inc. for help in getting all the permits you need and storing your chemicals safely.