Laboratory/Pharmaceutical Industries

Compliance First, Inc. is an environmental and engineering firm that specializes in Fire and Life Safety. You will be confident and secure in the quality of analysis and fire code permitting services that we have to offer. When it comes to the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries, we are ready and waiting to help you get the permits you need.

Laboratory Chemical Storage, Use and Handling

Each and every laboratory handles chemicals in their day to day use. The chemicals often used play a part in manufacturing and testing products. Depending on what the laboratory specializes in, the chemicals used may vary widely, and each one will require different storage and handling regulatory requirements.

When generally speaking about laboratories, there are a few basic chemicals that are kept in stock, stored, and frequently used. Accurate chemical classifications can be provided to you by our experts at Compliance First, Inc. once you provide us with a list of chemicals that your facility uses and stores.  

Fire Code Laboratory Evaluations

It can sometimes be difficult for a laboratory-based operation to internally devote the time that local authorities require to ensure that the Building and Fire Codes are properly in place. We at Compliance First, Inc. offer the option to work with you in submitting the proper paperwork to make sure that your laboratory is operating safely. It always helps to have a third-party company of experts like Compliance First, Inc. submit the reports for you to help the process go smoothly.

If your laboratory or pharmaceutical building is in need of help with fire code permitting or chemical classifications, call Compliance First, Inc. We are here to help ensure your chemicals are stored and used safely while making the permitting process as smooth and painless as possible.

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