Hazardous Materials Permitting

Compliance First, Inc. also offers expertise  in the ever changing and sometimes complex permitting procedures in the various jurisdictions. And Yes!  there are a variety of Fire Code Permits that are required by the Fire Department where chemicals are stored, used and handled.   These requirements may be particularly cumbersome in  warehousing, laboratories and/or manufacturing facilities.

After the classifications for the hazardous materials has been determined we are then able to help our clients decide which storage/use options would be best suited for the company.  Any form of hazardous materials extremely seriously. Handling these materials properly could prevent serious safety issues in the future.  

Chemical Classifications

When classifying any hazardous material, it is important that this step is done correctly and with care. If a hazardous material is not classified correctly it will also mean that when it gets packaged or labeled or handled that it will not be done correctly. When classifications have been done incorrectly, they can result in injuries to those directly dealing with the materials or incorrect regulatory permitting of hazardous materials. 

Industries of Note

Again, there are various industries that have a greater cause for concern when it comes to hazardous materials. These industries include the following:

Hazardous Occupancy Room or H-Rooms

While other industries may also handle hazardous materials, these are generally the most common. One common issue is to exceed the exempt amounts of chemicals. If exceeded it requires you to have a Hazardous Occupancy Room, also known as an H-Room.

Compliance First, Inc. is able to help evaluate or even to eliminate the need for an H-Room or other required items generally required when exceeding the exempt amount. As long as you are able to provide us with the accurate inventory of the hazardous materials, how they are utilized, how they are stored, MSDS Sheets, and the locations of the facility detailing how the chemicals are used and how they are stored, we will be able to help determine what is right for you.

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