Technical Opinions Report Code Compliance

Trust the environmental and engineering firm Compliance First, Inc. with your technical opinion report. Think of our services as the liaison between operating your business and the authorities. Some authorities may require that you describe in detail how your operations are being conducted.  Therefore, a comprehensive report may be required by the California Building and/or Fire Departments.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the required technical writing of rules and regulations, let our team provide the clarity you need to stay in operation.

The Technical Opinion Report

When your building is being assessed per California Fire Code Regulations, and you need a comprehensive report you can trust let Compliance First, Inc. assist you. CFI will provide this report with the necessary details of the building evaluation. Our talented team will also assess the building to ensure everything is operating smoothly.

Our team will conduct a thorough Opinions Report based on our findings. The aspects that may be evaluated are:

Often, cannabis operations may require a technical report to detail the type of method of cannabis extraction being used.  Extraction, simply put, is the stripping of cannabinoids and terpenes from the less desirable plant matter. This creates an extract that can then be refined into oil and infused into seemingly limitless products. This is done by a variety of methods which may involve ethanol, hexane, supercritical CO2, butane and propane. We can provide the report your local jurisdiction requires.

Code of Record

In order to pass the Technical Opinion & Report, your building must receiving a passing grade under the Code of Record. This code tests the safety of:

If you have combustible materials, you need to make sure they are stored correctly to avoid a possible fire. Should you invest in our Hazardous Materials Services, you can expect a stellar evaluation of:

Don’t remain in the dark in terms of your buildings safety. Keep it updated and approved by investing in our services.

Other Services

If you’re a business owner and need comprehensive evaluations that abide by the California Building and Fire Codes, check our other amazing services:

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When you need a simple, comprehensive service, don’t rely on people who don’t have a clear understanding of the California Law. Compliance First, Inc. began this journey in 1998 and we’ve been operating out of California ever since. Our team is dedicated to providing your business with reliable answers to guarantee that you stay in business. We’re comprised of talented engineers who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible services. Call 714-572-4410 today to discuss your business’s needs. We look forward to your business.