Top 7 Industries that Benefit from a Fire Code Consultant

Fires doesn’t make the list of top ten fears, according to LiveScience. That list was instead filled with creepy crawlies, the dark, and the dreaded dentist. However, the savvy business owner knows that there are far more sinister forces out there — like the possibility of fire wiping out their livelihood. A fire code consultant can help reduce the chances of that happening. If you’re in one of these industries, you might benefit from a consultation.

1. Hazardous Materials Storage

It is the nightmare scenario. A building catches fire and word gets out that hazardous materials were stored there. The EPA is called. The Hazmat suits come out. Careers are ruined. Lawsuits begin. This could have been prevented by Fire Code Consultants.

What started this hypothetical fire? Most often it is something as simple as improperly labeled containers. Materials stored too long or in too high quantity are major fire risks that are not worth taking.

2. Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Labs

Whether they are laboratories or storage and distribution warehouses, pharmaceuticals and bio-tech are often sensitive to temperature. Surprisingly, one of the major factors contributing to lab fires was working late hours and weekends. Never experiment alone and always know where the nearest fire extinguisher is, and be sure to have an emergency plan approved by a fire consultant.

3. High Piled Storage

Fire Code Consultants will tell you that high piled storage should not exceed 12 feet in height. The danger of High-Piled Storage fires is that they are quick to spread and difficult to stop. Heat rises, creating intense fires that can be impossible to control. Any personnel or firefighters seeking to put the burning material out risk having burning material fall on them. Once the fire is put out, there is still the dangerous job of relocating all the material without it collapsing on the laborers. What kind of materials are at risk for these fires? Often it is something as simple as boxes of paper records.

4. Commercial Office Buildings

Fires in commercial properties are often very visible and can cause companies to lose clients if they lose their reputation of being safe. One of the major causes of fire in commercial properties, according to fire consultants, is improper electrical wiring or use. These fires can break out at any time and cause massive damage in the walls before they are caught. This is easily prevented by getting fire protection consulting.

5. Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Industrial fires can be very costly in loss of equipment, materials, and paying for injuries of workers affected by the fires. One of the most common causes of industrial fire is the accumulation of combustible dust. Be prepared and have a plan to prevent this damage by seeking fire code consulting.

6. Computer/Technology

Computers generate tremendous heat, which can cause electrical fires without proper assistance from a Fire Code Consultant. Fires in server farms lose valuable information which leads to loss of clients and potentially loss of a business… all preventable with a fire code consultant.

7. Agricultural and Food Production

Fires in large agricultural operations and food production facilities can be devastating. Much like industrial fires, they are very costly. One of the distinctions of these fires is that they are often caused by cooking, drying, or other food processing operations. Grease cookers and grain dryers, when not properly inspected by a fire protection consulting, can ruin a crop, spoil large amounts of product, and put these agricultural-based industries out of business.

Call your Fire Code Consultant today and protect your products, your properties, and the people who work for you.

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