Navigating The San Diego County Fire Code

California is a state known for sunshine and sandy beaches. Although this feel-good state is home to Hollywood and other beautiful sites, California suffers from a problem with wildfires. The San Diego International Airport, in particular, suffered from a massive fire in December of 2017. It’s no wonder the state has strategic precautionary steps outlined to protect against the possible threat of an outbreak. Below is some information on the San Diego County Fire Code so you can keep your business on the right side of the law. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Each facility must be armed with up to date carbon monoxide and fire alarm systems. This ensures that any hazardous chemicals, gases, or smoke interactions are detected. The importance of maintaining up to date and accurate systems could mean life or death in a dire situation. In order to receive approval of installation, you must obtain an official state permit for “fire alarm systems.” This involves filling out an application and a detailed fire permit worksheet. You can find the directions for that form here.

However, technological units may undergo technical difficulties and stop working. When this happens, the San Diego County fire code requires all facilities to have a policy in place for fire protection or detection system malfunctions. When a system is not working, it is the home or business owners responsibility to alert the Fire Communications Center to establish a fire watch. This enables the local fire chiefs to be aware of the outage in case something occurs. If they fail to do so, the building may be deemed a safety hazard by the Fire Marshal. This could result in license suspension, fines, or even a liability if a fire should occur.

Fire Extinguishers

It’s no secret that fire extinguishers can be a lifesaver during critical moments. Having a fire extinguisher handy will guarantee the safety of those around you. The San Diego County fire code requires that all commercial facilities have a portable fire extinguisher mounted for easy access. In order to ensure that the device is working properly, monthly inspections should be implemented by either the building owner or agent. Yearly maintenance is required to make sure that the extinguisher is able to be used. Hydrostatic tests are required during this time of annual inspection. It should also have a tag displaying the time of inspection.

Fire Inspection Request

Each commercial building should undergo a fire inspection test to ensure that their building is being operated properly. An inspector will come in and analyze your layout by checking for sprinklers, a fire hydrant, possible blockers, and other San Diego regulations. In order for this inspection to occur, facility owners must submit a “request for fire inspection” to the City of San Diego Development Services Inspection Services. There, you can schedule a time for the inspection to take place.

In addition, fire sprinkler systems need to be installed in all commercial buildings in the event of an indoor fire. The National Fire Association requires that all businesses submit a permit for a fire sprinkler system which includes a general application, fire permit worksheet, a hydrant flow form, and an approved copy of the ‘high piled combustible storage” form. This will enable a direct sprinkler system to put out potentially dangerous fires due to having hazardous material on sight.

A Fire Code Consultant

When attempting to understand the logistics surrounding fire code laws and inspections, perhaps hiring a consulting professional will assist you with your business needs. A consultant can analyze your facility and provide you with a valuable plan to ensure your compliance with the San Diego Fire Codes. Consider taking this approach in order to ensure your legal compliance with the San Diego County fire code.

San Diego Fire Code

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